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CHS支付解决方案知道,为客户提供优质的服务会让他们回头客. 我们为支票处理提供了一个附加程序,通过消除您在银行存放支票的需要来增加店内的价值.
  • Tell me more about POS Check

    POS Check 在购买时将个人支票转换为电子交易. The check will be immediately returned to the customer at the end of the transaction; there is no paper to handle, process or forward to the bank. 每一张支票都是由第三方在线授权的,以降低您的支票欺诈损失.

    这项服务是完全免费的设置和检查阅读器是免费*租赁. There are no hidden fees or extra percentages taken off the top. For each check transaction, you will incur a small set fee.

    POS Check makes day-to-day operations faster and easier. 它为您的客户提供了他们想要的付款选择,并使您的后台操作更加精简. 不再有处理纸质支票或支付各种银行手续费的麻烦, those days are over!

    *Free lease requires monthly activity.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Lower paper check processing costs.
    • Check authorization in real time.
    • No more hassle with bounced checks at the bank.
    • Authorization provides lower check fraud loss.
    • Check guarantee up to $100 to give you extra peace of mind.
    • Additional security as paper checks are immediately returned to customers.
    • 资金将很快存入所有其他日常交易,您将收到一份合并报表.
  • What are the steps?

    3 steps to a convenient electronic transaction!

    1. A customer presents a paper check for payment.
    2. The cashier scans it through the check reader, enters the purchase amount and any other required information.
    3. Once the check is verified and approved, 打印销售收据供客户签名,并将支票退还给客户.

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